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                                          Dance Ensemble „Fáklya” /the Torch/




Hungary (Budapest)


Since having been established in 1959 the ensemble is forming integral part of Hungarian dance of art with primary programme of promoting,cultivating and adapting to scene national-popular-traditions,carrying out all these on a high and various level in accordance with the spirit of age.


Fáklya a group of amateurs is recruiting members among students, pedagogues, young workers, etc.

Programmes conjugate the finest dances,songs and music of Hungary not to mention the dances of other nations which are performed on high degree as well.


The ensemble produces a two-hour programme of Croatian traditional dances, a choreography of contemporary dances as well.

The dance ensemble performs its programme accompanied by live music and playbac too.


Yearly the ensemble is joining in great international festivals e.g. in Algiers, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Greece, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Turkey,Tunisia, Egypt, etc.


Group Leader:     Mr. Antony Kricskovics

                    /Choreograph; Merited Artist/




Contact details:


Address: Hungary, Budapest 1144 Kántorné sétány 1-3.


Telephone: +36-1-220-93-81  or   /+36-70-944-61-75

                                       /speaking: english, francais  

Fax: +36-1-220-93-80




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 We are happy to receive invitation for Festivals and Championships!